vegetarian   Indicates Vegetarian

Shrimp Items are Cooked w. Onins, Cilantros & May Have Mushrooms


Homemade White Corn Tortilla Chips Covered w. Melted Cheese, Salsa Ranchera, Jalapeno, Tomato, Sour Cream and Black Bean

vegetarianNC. Cheese Nachos
(Chips & Cheese Only)
vegetarianN1. Regular Nachos
Jalapeno, tomato, sour cream & black bean
N2. Tex Mex Chili Nacho (Ground Beef) $9.00
vegetarianN3. Guacamole Nachos $10.00
N4. Nachos with Grilled Chicken $10.00
N5. Nachos with Grilled Steak $14.75
N6. Super Nachos
(Grill Chicken, Chili, Guacamole & Pico De Gallo)
N7. Chef Special Nacho
(Includes shrimp, steak, chicken & Pico De Gallo)
N8. Shrimp Nacho $12.00